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ERE Genus Carbon Road Wheels Go Ultralight in 30, 45 & 65mm Depths, Plus Carbon Spokes

ERE Genus gen2 ultralight tubeless aero carbon road bike wheelsets
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Over the weekend, Ere Research debuted an all-new collection of ultralight Genus road wheels at the Velofollies show in Belgium. All wheelsets sharing modern wide road tubeless-ready profiles, there are 3 rim depths on offer, each with either premium aero Sapim steel or alternatively new aero carbon spokes. And complete wheelset weights dip as low as 1188g…

ERE Genus ultralight carbon road wheels

ERE Genus gen2 ultralight tubeless aero carbon road bike wheelset
all photos c. Ere… including the iPhone Portrait mode artifacts

To build a new range of lighter, more versatile 2nd generation carbon Genus road wheelsets, ERE started with a complete revamp of their top road wheel family. Sharing much of the same tech details, the wheels still maintain the same three levels as before: the deepest aerodynamic AE65 at 65mm deep, the mid-depth classic all-rounder CL45 at 45mm deep, and the superlight low-profile SL30 at 30mm deep.

But really they all are a little bit superlight with max weight savings of 8-18% across the three depths.

What’s new?

ERE Genus gen2 ultralight tubeless aero carbon road bike wheels, rim detail

Starting with a wider 21mm internal hooked tubeless-ready bead for all depths, Ere trimmed weight out of the optimized carbon rims without sacrificing strength.

ERE Genus gen2 ultralight tubeless aero carbon road bike wheels, Panama SL hub detail

Then, they machined out a new set of Ere’s own straight-pull ‘Panama SL’ alloy centerlock thru-axle hubs with new 36T star ratchet hub engagement, and Shimano, Campy & SRAM compatibility. Laced 2:1 for more balanced spoke tension (like many Campagnolo, Fulcrum & FFWD wheels) the lightweight hubs at just 131g front & 264g rear (claimed) come stock with stainless SKF bearings, but are upgradeable to CeramicSpeed bearings, as well.

ERE Genus gen2 ultralight tubeless aero carbon road bike wheels, rim & Aeris carbon spoke detail

Lastly, they give buyers the option of benchmark Sapim CX-Ray aero-bladed stainless steel spokes as standard, or an ultralight upgrade to new Ere Aeris aerodynamic full carbon spokes that save an extra 25g per wheel.

Tech details

ERE Genus gen2 ultralight tubeless aero carbon road bike wheels, tech details & options

All that and the new Ere wheels deliver some incredible weight claims: just 1188g for the lightest Genus SL30-R wheels with carbon spokes, 1339g for the all-rounder Genus CL45-R pair with carbon spokes, or 1538g for the seep aero Genus AE65-R with carbon spokes.

Ere assures that these race-ready road wheels – with steel or carbon spokes – are all “incredibly strong, durable, stiff and lightweight – the best in their class”. All of the new Genus wheels get a rider+bike weight limit of 130kg

ERE Genus carbon wheels – Pricing, options & availability

ERE Genus gen2 ultralight tubeless aero carbon road bike wheels, 65mm & 45mm deep
ERE Genus AE65 II (I) & CL45 II (I)

Officially, the new ultralight ERE Genus carbon road wheels went on sale this week for 1500€ for any of the steel-spoked 2nd-gen wheelsets, or 1900€ for the new R-series wheelsets with carbon spokes. All wheels come with simple black-on-black crossed-spoke graphics, and laser-etched hubs. Ere is delivering them as we type to their network or retailer bike shops, and will add them to their own consumer-direct website soon.


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4 days ago

I don’t know… With so many carbon wheel manufacturers, these spec sheets don’t say much to me anymore. Only aero data with multiple tyre sizes would convince me.

Robert Miskines
Robert Miskines
4 days ago
Reply to  Jaap

Agreed. There are so many choices now and they are only modestly different. There must be a high profit margin in carbon wheels to support so many manufacturers. When is the market going to crash and prices are fall is what I want to know.

3 days ago
Reply to  Jaap

The data will show that the differences at a given depth are usually only 2-3 watts – not enough to notice. The bigger issues are warranty/backup/track record. I’ve been very happy with my Chinese carbon rims, especially since replacing a rim after a bad pothole encounter is only a $250 proposition.

1 day ago
Reply to  Tom

You’re wrong.

It’s generally accepted that a 2.5-watt difference is noticeable.

The few independent aero tests (like Hambini) show a difference of 5 watts between 23 and 25mm tyres for some wheels. It would be nice if wheel manufacturers show what tyre size works best with their design.

They also show, for example, a 10-watt difference between Bontrager (183-watt) and Hunt (193-watt) 50mm wheels for the same speed and tyre. I would like this data with every wheelset.

And I would suggest buying different wheels if your Chinese carbon rims crack after hitting a bad pothole. None of my carbon wheels have ever been close to cracking after hitting potholes, curbs, rocks or whatever.

3 days ago

as per specs, nothing that Winspace is not offering at quite a lot more money…

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